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Recommended Reads for December

Stephen Beasley - Author of Financial Success Starts Now! The Young Person’s Guide to Money in America” is here to fill that void – to provide a clear and concise overview of the foundational areas of your personal finances – a guidebook to financial topics which anyone should know, yet many do not.  Topics covered include: cash flow, budgeting, debt, growing your wealth, investing, insurance, and taxes.

Omar Rashada - Author From Tears to Glory: The Stories of Our Lives is Omar’s debut novel. It’s a story about six strangers from North Philadelphia have been selected to participate at the ‘Cultural Down’s Center’ first cultural awareness group.  Tensions flare among some group members when the topics of politics, colorism, leadership, and gender come up. Two of the group members reunite with family members after one finds out about an unbearable family secret as the other is reuniting with his family member after being a victim of an act of violence.  Make sure to order your copy today and stay tuned for a Holiday Book Giveaway coming soon to DelBlogger's blog!

Willie Bj Williams - Willie is a best-selling author, corporate trainer, and mindset coach, leadership and personal development speaker. For over 10 years, he has been dedicated to uplifting, inspiring, and developing teams in every industry.  He has created proven methods to increase productivity and boost morale amongst teams. He has authored four books, and has over 12,000 hours of study. With that passion, he created Inspire The Fire, Inc. to ignite a fire within any organization and propel them towards success.

Angela Ward - author, “Teach Me What Mama Didn’t Know” is a perfect book for both individual and group studies. It’s a great graduation gift to aid in passing on last minute life instructions. It helps mentors show mentees that starting over is possible. It shows everyone that yes, you can leave a life of abuse and hopelessness and live a life full of love, joy, and peace.

The contents of “Teach Me What Mama Didn’t Know” speak on some of the tragic moments Angela experienced as a child, but overcame in such a way that had she not told you, you would have no idea she is a survivor of such a harsh past.  It combines her life experiences with some of the things she wish she had been made aware of; things that could’ve better prepared her for life as an adult.

Some of the topics you will find in “Teach Me What Mama Didn’t Know” are:

* Self Love

* Abuse

* Dream Killers

* Temptations

* Money Management

* Marriage

* Religion

* Starting Over

Recommended Reads for December written by authors who can be heard on AAU/Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger Podcast