Warner Elementary School takes student health and wellness seriously

The nurse’s office at many of our aging elementary schools often resemble a retrofitted broom closet. Despite the many health and wellness challenges children face who live on the margins, most don’t expect their schools to be the place to expect much more than a call to a caretaker if they get sick at school.

Too often, school nurses have minimal access to supplies or may find themselves being stretched thin with a requirement to serve multiple schools within a school district.

Warner Elementary School in Wilmington in the Red Clay School District has taken a progressive approach to their student’s health and wellness. Recognizing how many of their students are not receiving regular basic health screenings or visits to the doctor, Warner partnered with Christiana Health Care Systems to outfit available classroom space with a full service health center that rivals anything you’ll find at a modern medical facility.

This facility not only gives the school nurse and doctor-on-call the state of the art resources to effectively care for the students, it also gives the students the confidence that the school cares about them.