Why doesn’t Calvary Baptist Church capitalize on Dr. Martin Luther King?

How to remember the church MLK preached in Chester

Only one church in America can make the claim that Dr. Martin Luther King preached and taught there when he was in seminary school. You’d think that church would be a national landmark. You’d think it would be a tourist attraction with a visitor center. You’d think it would be a show case of everything MLK. You’d think it would be the hub for social and criminal justice thought leaders to gather and create policy. You’d think school buses would be pulling up on the regular giving students a history lesson and showing them the very pulpit he preached from and the church office he studied in. 
Calvary Baptist Church at 1616 W. 2nd Street in Chester can still be the nucleus of contemporary Chester history and pride. But there’s no vision coming out of the church or the community. The building still looks great but like most other churches, the membership is dwindling down to nothing and is struggling to find the finances to stay alive. Why isn’t the church building awash in lights with signage signaling the historical gem that it is? Why isn’t this church a MLK museum for the world to enjoy and learn from. Thousands of vehicles travel past the church every day and have no clue what that historical marker says at the front door. The church is dark and empty most nights of the week. 

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