Ladies are Leading at colleges and universities

Imagine this. The College of William & Mary was founded in 1693 and has just got around to naming its first female president. The only institution of higher education older than William and Mary is Harvard University and it just got around hiring its first lady president in 2007.

Overall, women make up about 30% of the college presidents which is a huge leap from the 10% in 1986. Still, only 5% of the current crop of lady presidents are of color.

Compared to corporate ivory towers, women running the show in academia are faring much better. Only about 5% of women are CEO of corporations in America.

This region is represented well with several women holding down top spots at area colleges and universities. Here’s a list of a few I could find…

Amy Gutmann, President,  University of Pennsylvania

Valerie Smith, President, Swarthmore College

L. Joy Gates Black, President, Delaware County Community College

Davie Jane Gilmour, President, Pennsylvania College of Technology

Barbara Lettiere, President, Immaculata College

Julie Wollman, President, Widener University

LaVerne Harmon, President, Wilmington University (see ‘WLC’ on pg 18)