Introducing the #Religion Issue of Chester Matters

Issue 8 of Chester Matters discusses religion

The very mention of religion as this month’s theme was enough to raise a few eye brows. As always, I solicited your submissions, but, as usual, not much came in. I’ve come to the conclusion y’all just want to read what I come up with.

I’m no religious scholar. I’m not ordained to preach nor have I ever had the desire to. I grew up in a Baptist church and had interesting exposures to other religions through my schooling. After leaving the Chester public schools after 1st grade, I spent 4 years at a Friends school (Quaker), followed by 5 years of Catholic schools before finishing high school where I started – the Chester public schools. Then, off to a Catholic university for 4 more years.

I never gave much thought to religion while at those schools until I was about to start college. I didn’t know anything about the college experience and figured a Catholic university would indoctrinate me with Catholic beliefs when I saw all the religion credits I was required to complete. To my surprise and delight, religion became one of my favorite classes mainly because they had nothing to do with Catholicism. In fact, I only remember entering that big fancy chapel on campus one time in my entire 4 years there.

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