A Message from a Millennial

How a black millennial views religion

I grew up in the church, kicking and screaming like we all did. I enjoyed making friends, seeing strong role models, and staying out of trouble. I did not enjoy witnessing the intolerance toward Muslims and homosexuals and all the judgmental gossip about sex: premarital or extramarital. 

Despite it all, I found church as vital as school, for better or worse. 

The most annoying thing about Millennials is we always have to know why. I’m still frustrated that the pastor wouldn’t answer my questions. Sometimes they alluded to them brilliantly and other times sloppily. 

Some of the scriptures they referred in their sermons created more questions than answers. For example: Genesis 1:1 – ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ They could never tell me when the beginning began in terms of number of years ago.

Genesis 11:1 – ‘All men speak the same language—They build the Tower of Babel—The Lord confounds their language and scatters them over all the earth.’ Was I supposed to believe humans speak different languages because we tried to build a skyscraper?

Genesis 3:16 - ‘I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children.’ There’s no way menstrual cycles and child birth are painful because of an apple. Where does biology fit in? Did other mammals eat forbidden fruit too, because their females have similar pain?   

I never got to my Exodus questions! 

Children are to be seen and not heard. I did my research and found answers to my question as an adult. I haven’t been back to the church since. The irony is, my life lessons are often biblical lessons. The perfect amount to build up a savings account is 10% and waiting for sex does make for better relationships.

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