The King’s Korner (Inside My Mind)

Ifirst need to thank everyone for the very kind words and awesome expressions concerning my very first article in this newspaper….Remembering Aretha!!!.

Coming up on my weekly radio show will be the “Tribute to Our Queen” starting on Friday Night October 19th thru Friday Night November 9th. It’s an Unprecedented four Week Radio Event.

In that article I mentioned a few of the then Hot Spots in the City of Chester. Even while I was too young to attend some of these spots (because of my age, and ‘everyone’ knew who my parents were). In those days if a older person told on you….that equaled out to two butt whippings!!!

(1) because the older person told your parents, (2) because you did not listen, and move fast enough!!!

As I am writing this, my mind shifts to another Brother from Chester who has a book called “800 Sayings by Old Folks Who Raised Us” my friend Rocky Brown 3rd.

In these unfortunate situations for some of us…the first and loudest question was “What in the ‘Hell’ were you doing over there?? The next question was Didn’t I tell you not to go over there?

The answer to those questions were answered by the same folks who asked them (you never got a chance to answer). The answer was ‘Oh So You think that you are Grown Now, You Just Going To Do What You Want To Do. Never Mind What I Say.’

Sorry I have digressed a little, but back in those days it was mostly about the music, and our generation - Young America (both Black & White) were coming on strong.

At that time our only thought was what were we going to wear to the gig’s on Friday & Saturday nights, (because Thursday nights we were at the Skating Rink at 5th & Penn St right above Silo Market)

At home with me having no control over the TV and Record Player or Hi Fi Player in our house, I had to listen to and see what was played by my parents!!!

With that being said, along with my parents came the gentle influence of Ms. Bonnie Norwood - Robert Wade School located on Franklin St between 3rd & 2nd st, Mrs. Jaunita Murray - Teacher at Booker T. Washington School located at 7th & Central Ave, Mr. William Dandridge - Artist Extraordinaire - Bennett Homes Projects, Uncle Gene Thomas - Benjamin Banneker Homes - across from Memorial Park, and Mrs. Mc Glocklin, (Showalter Jr. High Cafeteria). These folks helped to form my solid base and expose me to other types and forms of music and arts, and no matter what…..Mrs. Mc Glocklin would tell me all the time to keep moving forward !!!

There is one more key figure in my life of music, she is Ms. Mary Smith!!

Everyone in Chester and in the Tri-State Area and points beyond knew who Mary Smith was, and I know my parents and anyone who was someone, and wanted to be someone attended the Mary Smith affairs!!! I saw how my parents and neighbors anticipated, dressed, and talked about those affairs afterwards, these happenings, intrigued me and made me want to learn about this business and how to do it.

A large tip of gratitude goes out to these folks for what I am now is the results of their works….and it is… and has been paying off.

Like anything that you want to be good at it takes practice, extensive research, reading, checking and cross checking….and even more checking and cross checking, and practice for your craft to become 2nd nature to you.

Mrs. Murray told me if you ever make it to the top…don’t stop keep on climbing!!!

All of that leads me to some of what I think is terrific news: I wish that some of the very special people who were in my life like my Dad (Melvin Hackett Sr), my Grandmom - Carrie Briscoe, Mr. Gill Pryor, Ms. Debbie Northern, Mrs Thelma Pittman, Mrs. Sallie Mc Grief, and Daughter - Tina White, Rev D.A. Scott, and Rev L.J. Freeman were all here to reap some of the accolades from this plateau and milestone that I have reached.

It has been now confirmed and set…that in January 2019 - the Spring Semester at Temple University in Philadelphia Pa, I will officially become a Teaching Professor!

My syllabus, and time schedule has been approved, as well as the face to face meeting with the head of the department.

My class will and has been built around “our music”, I will be teaching the musical history from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s also the techniques of being an on air radio personality.

Needless to say at this stage of my life I am extremely excited and blessed to be a recipient of this honor and position.

I ask for your prayers and good wishes as I enter another chapter in my life. (I asked for your prayers because of the hell that Ezell Wright and I raised in Showalter Jr. High, or the crazy stuff that Greg (Sly) Crews, Walt (Pork) Gordy and I did in Chester High School…hopefully it won’t be toooo bad!!! LOL

I will be sure to let you know the progress as I go forward into this venture.

Question: What does one wear these days from a teaching capacity in a classroom??

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I thank you for visiting and remembering with me in this article about some of the times and people from “our” hometown Chester, Pa. God willing I will be back next month with another story of interest from “Home”.

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Be Well & See You Next Month!!!!